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Coming soon! The old Densho Digital Archive website will be phased out Wednesday, August 16, 2017. All of the content, including the visual history interviews, photos, documents and other materials are already available on-line at the newer Densho Digital Repository website (

The Densho Digital Archive holds a wealth of visual history interviews and other materials that broadly document the Japanese American experience. These unique primary sources cover a span of history from immigration in the early 1900s through redress in the 1980s with a particular focus on the World War II mass incarceration. The archive is growing as Densho continues to record life histories and collect photos and documents.

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We provide these resources to students, teachers, researchers, and the general public for educational purposes. Visit the Densho public website for contextual historical background, downloadable curriculum, and online exhibitions featuring interview clips, documents, and photos excerpted from the archive.

About Our Visual Histories
Our interviewees, or narrators, share their life histories to preserve history, educate the public, and promote tolerance. We urge our users to approach these materials in the same spirit.